Do you know the impact of pending Time-of-Use pricing changes on your solar savings?


Do you have the information and support services you need to understand and ensure you are getting the solar project benefits you were promised?

Whether you own your solar installations or have a solar energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), chances are you can take action to improve the performance of your solar installations and increase your savings. TerraVerde ensures that systems meet and exceed their savings expectations through continuous monitoring, comprehensive site evaluations, and our advanced analytics platform.

A few questions to ask:


Quarterly Performance Reports

Does your solar provider deliver a quarterly performance assessment, including information on production, preventative maintenance activities, unplanned outages and warranty repairs?

Annual Financial Savings Reports

Does your solar provider deliver and present an annual financial savings report detailing your true historic savings and up to date projected savings from solar?

Performance Guarantee Payments

Do you know if you are owed payments by your solar provider due to lower production or system up time under your Performance Guarantee agreement? 


We can help you answer these questions and more!

TerraVerde specializes in maximizing system performance with the use of advanced monitoring capabilities, intelligent analytics tools, pro-active equipment maintenance oversight, and contracts administration. We currently provide comprehensive Operations & Maintenance and Measurement & Verification services for over 120 operating solar and battery storage systems throughout California.

What about a PPA buy-out?

It’s been more than ten years since the passage of the California Solar Initiative and Federal Solar Tax Credit legislation. Many organizations that installed solar over the past ten years do not know if their projects have produced the benefits that they expected. Others, may have a general idea that they are saving something on their electricity bills, but they do not have the staff to see if they could be doing better with proper monitoring and maintenance. For those with a solar power purchase agreement, some are now eligible to buy-out their solar facility from their PPA provider but are unsure how to start.

It is challenging to keep up with the continuing changes in solar and utility polices and determine what level of benefits you are going to get in coming years.

To address these issues, TerraVerde offers a suite of Asset Management Services to help organizations with existing solar installations better understand how their solar installation is performing and get the most out of their investment.